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Apache HTTP Server

Apache HTTP Server Apache is the most popular web server software. Apache Software Foundation developed and maintained Apache. It is open-source software that is free to download. It is compatible with 67% of the web servers worldwide. It’s reliable, fast, and secure. You can modify it to suit the requirements of different environments using extensions or modules. For example, the majority of WordPress hosting providers use Apache webserver software. It can run WordPress on any other web server software.

What is a Web Server?

You might be wondering what a web server is. A web server is a host at a restaurant. The host will greet you when you arrive at a restaurant and check your reservation information before taking you to your table. Then, the webserver searches for the requested web page and retrieves it for you to view. Web servers are not only your server but your host. After it finds the requested web page, it will also serve you that web page. Apache is a web server that serves as the restaurant’s Maitre D’. It manages your communication with the website (the chef) and handles your requests. It also acts as the busboy by cleaning the tables (memory cache, modules, and modules) and clearing them for new customers.

A web server is software that accepts your request to access a website. It performs security checks on the HTTP request before directing you to the page. The page you requested may request that the server run additional modules to generate the document. The server then delivers the requested document. It’s pretty incredible.

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