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What is a german telephone number, and what does it mean?

A Phone Number refers to a set of numbers that a caller dials to reach another mobile or telephone number. A telephone number is a sequence of digits assigned by a landline subscriber station to a phone line. A German phone number has three parts. The country number starts at +49. This is followed by the area code (30) and the rest. There are two basic types of phone services in Germany: a standard analog service and ISDN. Each class has similar tariffs, which allow you to choose a plan that is best suited for your use.

How to reach German phone numbers

Here are some ways we can call a German mobile number:

  • For international calls, dial the complete number beginning with the countrycode +49
  • Dial the regional number. Calls from Germany must be made with a 0 before the number.
  • Dial the local phone number. If you’re calling from the same place. We are also there to provide you with the services in the 256 area code.

Germany’s unique prefix telephone numbers

Germany offers a unique prefix that can be costly to dial. Numbers that begin with 0190/0900 are known to be erotic entertainment numbers. These numbers are also used for hotlines. 0180 is often used by German companies to call their service numbers. 0137 is usually used by television programs for voting by phone. You can also buy a german number online following a few steps with fixed charges. You can check over Prepaid Mall for the best mobile topup services.

Germany Emergency Phone Numbers

Germany has an emergency line that can be called for assistance from police and other medical facilities. To reach a police department, dial 110. If you are in a medical emergency, dial 112. These emergency lines are available to help you reach your destination immediately. Do not dial these numbers if you do not have a true emergency. Both German-speaking operators can be reached at these numbers. 112 also serves as the emergency number for all of Europe. It is also your preset number when you activate an emergency SOS from your phone. Lets Dial the number to experience the telecommunication services in 219 area code and so on. You can also read our blog about SIP Numbers.

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