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New proposed ATV trail sees opposition

After a sunny a hot long weekend, the atmosphere inside Wainfleet council chamber on Tuesday night was just as hot. Residents packed the chambers, leaving only standing room, to discuss a new ATV trail proposed to go through Wainfleet by Quad Niagara, an ATV club that serves the region and is bound under the Ontario Federation of All Terrain Vehicles. But there was significant opposition to the trail, with concerns arising over noise that will be created from an increase in riders, to decreasing property houses to nearby houses, to worries about the destruction of farmland and wildlife habitation. And when it comes to the economic boost to local businesses Quad Niagara is promising if a trail goes into the township, many residents weren’t buying it.

A day just for seniors

A lot of seniors want to stay in their own home, but don’t know who to approach and what resources are available for them, he said, noting family members can also attend and educate themselves. This is a great way to learn about what is out there. This year is the first year the city has co-sponsored the event, and Douglas said it’s a valuable initiative to get behind. There is so much out there for the community. Organizers will continue their partnership with the St. Catharines Transit Commission. This means in addition to providing free admission and the opportunity to win free door prizes, those 65 and over will be able to access free bus transportation for the day. It’s a goodwill gesture for us to provide the service to the seniors in our community.

Marketing & Promotions

The Niagara Region is lucky to have numerous great publications dedictated to business, tourism and all that is Nigara. From The Business Link Newspaper to SNAP Niagara Falls and St.Catharines to The Niagara Directory and Tourism Niagara. So, much to do in Niagara, so many great businesses…it’s no wonder that all of these publications are thriving and have become cornerstones for marketing Niagara within the Region and outside of the Region.

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Virtual Phone Number Finland
Virtual Phone Number Finland

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